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5 iPhone App Development Trends To Follow In 2018

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2017 was a big year for the iOS platform as iPhone 8 (Plus) and iPhone X came to the market. The major updates on iOS 11 was another big event on the front. As 2018 is already in full swing, there are lots of things happening on the platform in this year too. There are already some visible trends that are being seen in this domain. Let's check the iPhone app development trends that are making it big this year:

1. Swift 4 is gaining acceptance everywhere

The year has brought even more name and fame for Apple's Swift programming language with the release of Swift 4. The newest version is considerably more advanced than the previous ones and enables developers to build apps with greater ease and ability. Moreover, it more scalable and secure as compared to its predecessors and Objective C.

2. Augmented Reality apps are surging ahead

A majority of businesses investing in mobile app development services in India and abroad demand the integration of Augmented Reality into their apps. The reason is that it is the most trending app technology these days. In case of the iPhone platform, the launch of iOS 11 has been a major breakthrough in this direction. Apple's ARKit system facilitates the creation of AR, VR, and 3D apps for iPhone and iPad devices.

3. Artificial Intelligence is on the top

Siri's launch has been another great event on Apple's timeline and it has pushed the Artificial Intelligence (AI) to a considerable extent. This AI-powered virtual assistant is capable of understanding the language of the users and making contextual searches for them. In 2018, iPhone apps are using AI technologies to deliver better search functionalities that drive high-end user experiences.

4. Apple Pay becomes more user-friendly

Another noticeable trend in the iPhone development space is the increased user-friendliness of Apple Pay, the wallet application of Apple. The user can use this digital wallet to shop online, make money transfers, pay bills, and make all other online transactions easily. Since users are keen on using the application, it is being widely embraced as a part of iPhone apps in 2018.

5. Managing files becomes easier

The newly launched iOS 11 platform has introduced a new file management app called Files. A cloud-based application, it enables the user to store the entire information in a single file and it can be accessed via any of the devices. The user just has to create a single dashboard to store their documents, images, and videos. So they need not waste time searching them at various locations. Being connected and sharing information with others also becomes easier with this file management system.


If you are planning to invest in an iPhone app for your business, make sure that your development partner follows these trends so that you are able to keep pace with the competitors. Mobibiz is a name you can trust for developing Android and iPhone apps for your business. From banking to healthcare, banking, travel, education, and wedding app development, there is an extensive variety of its app portfolio.

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